Market Monday 1: W124 The best…or something

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Market Mondays is weekly deep dive in a specific car that is for sale, through this sale we look at market trends, desirable options, and any other factors that contribute to the value of the car, ending with giving the car a score out of 5 for investment.


For our first week we are going to talk w124


There’s nothing sweeter than an old Merc wagon, the w124 platform is arguably Mercedes’ most successful generation of E Class. The W124 came in nearly every body style under the sun, it was engineered with a carte blanche, and the result is a smart, comfortable, well thought out car with infinite variability. The w123 came in 5 different body styles, the wagon being my personal favorite ( who doesn’t love a 3rd row facing backwards?!).  The W124 wagon (or S124 ) saw a facelift in 1993 just as the modern Mercedes chassis designation came to be. With the release of the first C class the w202, Mercedes restructured its nomenclature to introduce the world to classes; C class, E class, S class and SL were the lineup at the time.

When it comes to buying w124’s there are several variables to be considered: Engine size being the first one, the w124 came with a large variety of engines during its 9 year production run, the best engines to have are large inline 6 either an M103 or its dual overhead cam younger brother, the M104 (refereed to by Mercedes enthusiasts as the German 2JZ), the world renowned OM602 diesel, a 4 cylinder lump of metal designed to outlast a burning star, and the legendary M119, the Le Mans winning V8 of the golden age of Mercedes. These engines in the American market were almost always paired to an automatic transmission, as a result euro imported w124’s with a manual transmission should command a premium. But do not despair, finding and installing a manual transmission in a w124 is a relatively straightforwards process, with the exception of the V8.

The AMG rabbit hole, here we go. The history of AMG during the late 80’s and early 90’s is convoluted, poorly documented and vague. Generally, AMG is purchased by, at the time Daimler Chrysler AG in 1999, and began to offer AMG’s at Mercedes Dealerships worldwide. Previously AMG would take on customers 1 on 1 and build highly specified cars. Amongst the most valuable w124’s are the pre merger AMG’s, these rare and extremely desirable examples have upgraded engines and ludicrous body kits.

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