The GTV6, the one that gets away

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The common myth surrounding Alfa Romeo is the story of a hero with a tragic flaw. Alfa’s have garnered a reputation for ticking every single box a car should yet always missing the mark in one way or another, typically this revolves around a terrible mechanical flaw. However, like all tragic hero stories, the golden heart that lies behind those flaws tends to overcome anything. The GTV6 is an interesting example, it has one party piece every GTV6 admirer will be happy to share with you the moment you lay eyes on your first GTV6, the Busso. This V6 Alfa refused to stop producing in one way or another from 1979 ALL THE WAY TO 2005! bears the badge that no equal length headers or burble tune can buy you, the title of the best sounding v6 ever made. The engine not only has the quality of being beautiful to listen to but also being a genuine sculpture. When opening the hood of the first GTV6 i saw in the wild I felt as though I knew what was in the briefcase in pulp fiction. Large, coiling, shimmering intake runners snaked their way into the bowels of the engine. two massive valve covers with the classic Alfa Romeo font written on them.

The Busso saw many iterations during its development, making the leap to fuel injection in 1983. It began as a 2L and grew to 3.2L in its final iteration. The GTV6 was only ever host to the twelve valve variant, the latter 3.2L were all mounted in the transversal configuration as Alfa shifted a majority of its models to a front wheel configuration. The GTV6 retained the DNA of many of the greatest Italian sport cars of the 50’s and 60’s by using a trans-axle


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