The Original 8C

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With modern eyes it is hard to see the current formula 1 team of Alfa Romeo as anything but a mediocre team at best. But in the hearts of 1930’s race fans everywhere, Alfa Romeo meant victory.

“The Immortal Two Nine”, that title, still holds true today. To truly be considered immortal the Alfa Romeo 8C had to be far ahead of its competition, not only to defeat the competing teams but to humiliate them. In this spirt the 8C’s won the Mille Miglia four times, however that was only the 2.9, considering all varieties of 6C’s and 8C’s Alfa Romeo won the thousand mile trek through Italy a staggering 9 times, more wins that any other manufacturer in the series. The story is the same in the 24 hours of Spa, where 6 and 8 C’s won a combined 7 times.

Although the 8C came from an era when the idea of independent front suspension still lied halfway between reality and science fiction its specifications sounds like a modern sports car; fully independent suspension, a trans axle manual gearbox, dual overhead cams in an 8 cylinder engine with twin superchargers for good measure. And as a cherry on top of the hardcore technical specs, some of the most beautiful coachwork ever performed on steel and aluminum. The 8C, especially the two nine is exceptionally quick, even for moderns standards, in 1938 one 8C was recorded at 132 mph on the autostrada.

When thinking of significant figures in the story of the automobile, oddly enough a minority of the members of the icons of the automotive industry are engineers. The names chiseled in history; Lee Iacocca, Bob Lutz, Enzo Ferrari, Caroll Shelby etc… are mostly racers and business men. There must always be an exception to the rule, Vittorio Jano, is possibly the most influential automobile designer, his influence catapulted not only Alfa Romeo, but also Lancia and Ferrari.

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